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Have you noticed that time seems to slow down between Christmas and the first phase of the new year?  Many people are able to hit the pause button, and appreciate some well deserved moments of relaxation.

Perhaps you are enjoying reading some of the books on your bedside table; or the bliss that comes from waking naturally, without an alarm clock; or having no plans?!  These simple things can help us to enter into a state of calm.

Whilst you are in slow mode, I would like to update you on some new happenings at Herbaceous in 2019.


As well as writing a regular blog, I am also in the process of creating a monthly newsletter called Herbaceous News.

And here is the exciting part!

In the near future, as a subscriber and reader of Herbaceous News, you will be invited to join a special FREE preventive health initiative at Herbaceous.

If you would like to sign up for Herbaceous News, then simply reply to this email and you will be added to the list.

Heart and nervous system health

After almost a decade working as a herbalist and naturopath, I have decided to specialise in the following areas:

  • Cardiovascular health: cholesterol management, blood pressure management, stress management.
  • Nervous system health : anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, low energy, stress management.
  • Becoming well again after illness: glandular fever, respiratory and immune system complaints, fatigue syndromes.
  • Note: I will continue to work with many other health issues too.

Cardiovascular health problems, and nervous system issues such as anxiety and depression are on the rise in Australia.  Early intervention and management of these imbalances means people have a better chance of living a healthier life.

Naturopathy is a unique system of healthcare, which takes into account the health of the whole person as an individual, not just the symptoms of disease.

I have always been intrigued by peoples unique stories, and what makes us tick as humans.  I love helping people of all ages to discover the causes behind their health concerns, and supporting them in bringing their health back to a state of balance.

How Naturopathy can help you

The whole person approach means that during consultation, I can help you delve into the many aspects of your health.  And I work at a pace that is best for you.  For example, a consultation may explore the importance of food as medicine, as well as ways to achieve sound sleep, and more energy.

I really enjoy helping people to understand the importance of maintaining a balance between the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of themselves.  And for those who believe that life has spiritual/higher purpose, then I can weave this concept into the consultation too.

I provide the information and tools for you to manage your own health.  One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is when people no longer require my assistance!

Herbal medicine

If you have been to Herbaceous for a consultation, you will be well aware of my passion for herbs!  The Herbaceous dispensary proudly stocks many Australian grown herbs, produced by Australian owned manufacturers.

Herbs have been the cornerstone of cardiovascular and nervous system care for centuries.  A well known example in western herbalism is hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna). Doctors in Europe dispense hawthorn to prevent cardiovascular disease, and it is also considered to be a calming herb for the nervous system.

The beautiful image at the top of the page was created by Herbaceous Human. It features some of my favourite herbs: hawthorn, linden, motherwort and withania.

Meditation and nature

Meditation and spending time in nature are powerful adjuncts to helping people better manage their health.

I enjoy tailoring meditation sessions to your own unique needs. For example, meditating on a regular basis can assist with managing your busy mind and stress levels.  It can also be a powerful tool in helping you to develop your intuition.  We are all unique, and I believe there is no one size fits all style of meditation!

Meditation is a useful skill to have in your kit bag.  It really does help to create a sense of calm.

Sending you many happy wishes for 2019.

And don’t forget to sign up for Herbaceous News!

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