Gabriella Nelson Founder of Herbaceous


Herbaceous began in 2009 with a clear vision of helping people to enhance their health and vitality, and to become more connected to the natural world. This vision remains the same today.

Gabriella Nelson, founder of Herbaceous, is a degree qualified Naturopath (Bachelor Health Science, Naturopathy) practicing in the Bayside suburb of Hampton, Melbourne.

Gabriella is very passionate about her craft, and believes in a practical and down to earth approach to helping people achieve the best possible health outcomes. She draws upon the ancient wisdom of herbalism, and strongly encourages her patients to become aware of the importance of food as medicine. Gabriella also believes in the importance of a modern scientific, evidence based approach to treatment.

Gabriella works in conjunction with other health professionals such as allied health practitioners, GPs and specialists. Gabriella also teaches meditation for people of all ages, and is a relaxation and therapeutic masseuse.



The basic principle of naturopathy is to treat each person as an individual, and to help restore a sense of balance and vitality. This is achieved by establishing the cause of the imbalance and by treating the whole person, rather than just the symptoms of the presenting disease or complaint.

Your naturopathic treatment with Gabriella may involve the use of herbs, nutritional medicine, dietary and lifestyle advice and counselling, homeopathy and flower essences.

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Conditions Treated

Gabriella can help to manage a wide range of health concerns. Some of these include:

  • Digestive health: IBS ; constipation; bloating and indigestion; food intolerances and allergies
  • Nervous system health : anxiety ; depression; insomnia; fatigue
  • Allergic conditions : hayfever ; asthma; eczema
  • Musculoskeletal health : headaches; migraines; osteoarthritis; rheumatoid arthritis; fibromyalgia
  • Respiratory tract health : asthma; tonsilitis; sinusitis
  • Cardiovascular health: hypertension ; high cholesterol
  • Endocrine system health: diabetes; weight issues; thyroid conditions
  • Children’s health: immune deficiency; ear infections; respiratory tract infections
  • Skin conditions : eczema; psoriasis ; acne
  • Female reproductive health : endometriosis ; PMS; polycystic ovarian syndrome; period pain; menopausal symptoms; fertility issues
  • Male reproductive health : fertility issues; prostatitis
  • Urinary tract health : cystitis


Herbaceous is offering free Apothecary drop-in sessions.

These sessions provide the opportunity for you to have a brief chat to a highly experienced and qualified Naturopath and Herbalist about your health concerns. All remedies are of high quality and are practitioner only which means they can only be dispensed by a qualified Naturopath or Herbalist.

Please note for more complex health conditions a comprehensive consultation may be required.

Time: 2pm to 3pm
Every Tuesday
No booking required

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Gabriella is here to help you work towards realistic and manageable health goals. Treatment involves implementing practical strategies so that you are better able to manage your health and wellbeing.

Initial consultations:

A thorough case history is taken in the initial consultation, taking into account the individual’s physical, mental and emotional health. Initial consultations are usually one to 1 ¼ hours in length.

Follow-up consultations:

Follow-up consultations are between half an hour to an hour (based on the individual’s needs). During the follow-up iris analysis, blood pressure testing, zinc testing, and other relevant tests may be performed. Referrals for diagnostic testing are given when appropriate.

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Gabriella teaches a couple of different styles of meditation including mindfulness; as well as meditation which enhances your intuition. Gabriella can also tailor sessions based on your individual needs.


Meditation allows us to tune into the true essence of who we are. The process of stilling the mind and letting go of the ego self allows our higher consciousness to guide us and gain greater insight into our lives and our own truth. We become more accustomed to operating in the NOW – where our true power resides. Meditation benefits all aspects of our being – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In the class we also learn how to tune into the subtle messages which are there to help us and guide us gently forward.

Classes are currently held on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10.30am to 12.30pm. Classes run in 6 week terms.

Children and Teenagers

Gabriella also runs meditation classes, school holiday programmes, as well as individual sessions for children and teenagers.

The overuse of technology can result in young people being “switched on” a lot of the time, which means it can literally be difficult to “switch off”! Meditation can help children and teenagers to learn how “switching off” can enhance their lives. Meditation can also assist with managing anxiety, sleep problems, quietening the mind, improving self-esteem and confidence, enhancing creativity and re-connecting with the natural world.

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Herbaceous is located at:
9 Railway Crescent in Hampton 3188.
We are a short walk from Hampton Station.
2 hour parking is available in Railway Crescent and Small St.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 10am to 5pm
Saturdays (one a month): 10am to 2pm
*After hours consultations are available upon request.

Appointments & Queries

Phone: 0422 475 805 or Email below.