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Hello there,

The first of December seems like an appropriate time to write to you, as it’s officially the first day of Summer here in Australia. Yay!

Summer is a time of long light filled days, warmth and energy.  For many people it is also a season of celebration –  think Christmas, end of year parties, end of the school year, and a time to detach from the daily grind.

For others, Christmas can be an overwhelming time.  If you know people who find this time of year challenging, you could offer up some of your time for a chat, or a visit.  There is great power in both human connection and giving.

This post is filled with some handy tips to help you to navigate your way through December.  So without further ado, it’s time for you to pop the kettle on, make your favourite brew, and enjoy a few moments of quiet reading.

Remedy collection and holiday dates

Firstly, here are a few little snippets of housekeeping:

  • For those of you who require remedies for the holiday break, please contact me here, or phone reception on 03 95020650 by Tuesday 11th December.
  • The final date for remedy collection is Saturday 22nd December (Reception is open 9.15am to 1.15pm).
  • My last clinic day for the year will be Saturday 22nd December, and I will return on Thursday 3rd January.

Create a sense of calm
  • Try not to overcommit yourself with social activities. It can be tricky saying no to certain events, but where possible, why not schedule catch ups for January?  People are usually more relaxed then anyway! This takes the pressure of having to do everything before the end of the year.
  • Carve out some time to reconnect with nature.  This can be as simple as spending time walking at the beach, or in a park.  Kick your shoes off and feel the grass or sand beneath your feet. Nature is a wonderful energy recharger!
  • Ensure you are having enough good quality sleep.  Start to relax at least an hour before you get into bed. You could enjoy a shower or bath, read an actual book, listen to music, or sip some relaxing herbal tea such as chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower or lavender. Note: switch off all screens at least an hour before bed.

Sustainable giving and consuming
  • There has been a real focus in 2018 on ways to live more sustainably.   It’s easy to become caught up in a buying frenzy just because it’s Christmas.  However, there are some fun and creative ways to help you reduce your impact on the environment.  For inspiration, head to Eco with Em’s website , and her Instagram account is full of fantastic tips too.  The image at the top of the post is one of Em’s creations!
  • While I’m on the topic of reducing waste, did you see the ABC’s War on waste series this year?  If not, then you can check it out here on I-view.
  • If you are going to be enjoying some seafood this festive season, then you might like to check out the Australian Sustainable Seafood Guide. It is the first online sustainability guide for seafood consumers here in Australia, and is well worth a read.

Yuletide apothecary helpers
  • Did you know that rosemary is a friend of the liver?  You can pick fresh stems of rosemary, squeeze half a lemon, and add them to your teapot to create a liver friendly brew.  The addition of rosemary to roasting or slow cooked meats actually helps the body to break down fats.
  • If you are partial to a little festive indulgence, eg: alcohol (!) then make sure you drink at least one glass of water to every glass of alcohol. This helps you to stay hydrated, and means you will feel better the next morning. Another tip is boosting your intake of good quality B Vitamins (I’m not talking about the well known type that fizz in your water glass!), which help your body to deal with the effects of alcohol.  Herbal medicines such as St Mary’s thistle and dandelion root are some liver friendly remedies which you may also like to consider. I can tailor make a festive tincture for you.  Contact me here  if you are interested.
  • Stress relieving remedies.  There are a couple of special classes of herbs known as adaptogens and nervines.  They help to nourish the nervous system, and provide a gentle boost in energy.  If you are feeling a little frazzled, then my herbal assistance is only a phone call away!  It’s wise to be proactive now, rather than to waiting until you are on holidays to plummet into a phase of exhaustion.  There is a reason why naturopathy is referred to as “preventative medicine”!.

Do you have some ideas to share about keeping the festive season calm, eco-friendly or as healthy as possible? Then I’d love to hear from you! Please share in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

I would now like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and support this year.

Wishing you a joyful Christmas, and I look forward to sharing more with you in 2019!

Warm wishes,



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