That holiday feeling

This blog was written after a recent holiday to the delightful township of Pambula Beach.

Although it’s March and the year is in full swing, I felt to remind you of the importance of keeping “that holiday feeling” alive. This late burst of warm weather in Melbourne and other parts of Australia means it is still easy to get out in the sun and make the most of this beautiful time of year.

Holidays sure do open your eyes to the world around you. I find that when I am on holiday it is easier to connect with the rhythms of nature. I spent time at Pambula Beach watching the sunrise, the full moon rise, the sunset, and listening to birdsong.  Without the mind clutter and everyday distractions I could feel myself unwinding and relaxing. I had afternoon naps most days, beach swims, and turned the pages of some fantastic books.

Some tips on how to keep that holiday feeling alive.

One thing I have learned over the years is the importance of allocating some free time on weekends (just like I do when I’m on holidays). Rather than jamming the weekend with activities and then reaching Monday morning feeling unrefreshed, I regularly include free time as part of my weekend.  Free time allows us space to wander, wonder and explore.  We live in a society where there is such an emphasis on forward planning. This can be a positive thing as we can achieve great outcomes via planning. However I also feel that too much planning can leave little room for spontaneity.
The theme of the nest continues in this blog. We all have different ways to enjoy rest and relaxation. Following are some ideas which you may like to implement.  I would also love to hear about your own ideas for creating your holiday at home nest.


1. How to create a holiday at home nest.

Important notes for the home nester:

*leaving the nest for food foraging is an important part of creating your nest.

*don’t be tempted to get caught up in doing housework and chores.

*you may like to turn off the wi-fi for the afternoon and make your nest a technology free zone. (Personally I find that technology interrupts the whole point of nest time, which is to switch off for a while).


*banana lounge (or similar)

*comfy cushions, pillow, rug

*an afternoon nap

*a great book

*a back yard, front yard, deck, or local park

*sunshine is great (although I am writing this in Melbourne so this isn’t always guaranteed!)


*nutritious nest food

*your favourite glass of something special – nest mojito anyone?!

***optional extras: friends / family (depending on how social you would like your nest to be)


Take all of the above ingredients and arrange your nest according to personal taste.

You can also leave the comfort of your nest and make the most of the wonderful natural world that surrounds us –  get out there and explore! You won’t be disappointed. You may want to make time for weekends away to places in the country or down the coast – you can create a nest at your new destination.

Catching up with friends or family at a new place can also break our normal routine. New environments and experiences help to re-wire our brains and provide inspiration.

Have an enjoyable weekend everyone and I’d love to hear about your own nest ideas below,


PS If you are lucky enough to live in Victoria, I hope you enjoy this long weekend….got to love a Monday public holiday!





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