Autumn happenings

Hi everyone,

Here is a little update about Autumn happenings at Herbaceous.


Autumn is such a beautiful season to be out and about enjoying the world around us.  The mornings are brighter (now that daylight savings is over) and somewhat cooler.  Nature is starting to gently turn inward in readiness for a big winter slumber.

You may feel your own body and mind starting to shift down a gear too.  Autumn is the ideal time to prepare warming seasonal foods to enhance your immune system, digestion and energy levels. Think about cooking with vitamin A rich orange vegetables such as sweet potato, carrot and pumpkin which ground your digestion and energy.

Individualised herbal tonics are also a wonderful way to help support your health at this transitional time of year.

For more information about foods and herbs which enhance energy, digestion and immunity  Contact Gabriella


Herbaceous herbal infusions are the perfect way to warm your belly and boost your mood. How good is the feeling associated with wrapping your hands around your favourite cup or mug of steaming herbal tea? Pop by during our free Apothecary Open Sessions every Tuesday & Wednesday 2pm to 3pm and you can have your own personal blend created on the spot. Rather different to dunking and drinking a supermarket purchased tea bag of tasteless “herbal” water!


New meditation classes commence on Wednesday 19th April at Herbaceous.  Come along and learn how to calm the mind and enhance your intuition.

For more information about meditation classes Contact Gabriella

I encourage you to embrace this special season and enjoy observing nature and the change that new each day brings.  It is there for us to absorb, and I guarantee you will feel a thousand times more energised from an hour of nature time than you will from an hour of technology time!

Have a great month,




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