The show must go on

Hello to you,

I do hope you and your loved ones are keeping well at this challenging time.

I am writing a little more frequently at the moment, as I feel it is important to share helpful information and updates with you.

Please remember to stay connected with those around you, and do reach out if you need support.

I am making sure I keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues every day. Although, I must say, it feels very foreign not being able to catch up face to face. Thank goodness we can communicate via technology, and give each other hugs from a distance!

Dispensary news

Firstly, I have an update about dispensing of remedies.

I have moved the Herbaceous dispensary home for the time being. I felt like Dr Quinn medicine woman yesterday, minus the horse and cart!

The dispensary is stocked with all the herbs, vitamins and minerals to support you.

Please note, I will be posting all remedies to patients.

Postage will be FREE for all product orders of $100 or more (ex GST).

For all smaller orders, postage will be half price.

This is my way of keeping naturopathy available to as many people as I can during this unpredictable time.

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the moment?

You are not alone. Many people are feeling anxious and overwhelmed about the changeable nature of what is unfolding around us; and the impact this may have life as we know it. We are human, and we like a degree of certainty to make us feel safe.

This is a little reminder that Herbaceous is offering short immune system focused consultations (30 minutes). And if you are feeling stressed or anxious, then these concerns can be addressed too.

These consultations are being offered at a reduced rate of $65.

They are also available for new patients, so please feel free to share this information with your friends, colleagues and loved ones.

For bookings, call reception on (03) 9502 0650 or email me, and mention โ€œImmune consultโ€ at the time of booking.

***Please note, more complex cases may require a longer appointment.

Ignite your sense of humour

Before I sign off for today, I would like to share this funny article with you. Be sure to watch the video!

Click here : Arnie, mini-horse, donkey.

Stay well out there, and remember to support each other as best you can.

My next blog will focus on herbs and home remedies which are helpful during times of stress. Stay tuned.

Gabriella x

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