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Keep taking the Meditation!!!

Meditation has been a part of my life for the past 25 years. Being able to calm my mind before the start of the day is a skill that helps me to be focused and present during my working day at Herbaceous.

There are a few points that people frequently mention to me about meditation:
“I have tried to meditate and I can’t do it”
“I can’t still my mind”
“One day it works for me and the next time I try it is harder”

Experience has taught me that meditation is a skill that we don’t just have a lightbulb moment about and then we master! It is a lifelong process of discovery. Like any new life skill we are bound to have blips along the way. Meditation is a practice that changes and evolves over time. I find that some days I am more present and better able to meditate, and other days I find it more challenging.

Through learning the skill of meditation, people of all ages become more connected and in tune with the natural world, and the importance of being focused on living in the moment. Technology definitely plays an important role in our modern world, but the constant use of phones and other devices can also mean we are disconnected from the present, and from the incredible world around us.

I believe in a balanced approach to living a full and meaningful life. This doesn’t mean we need to remove ourselves from the everyday world and go and meditate in a cave for a year! We can easily incorporate meditation into our daily routine…’s no different to checking our email, cooking dinner or exercising.  Once meditation is put into regular practice, it becomes part of us, and what we “do”.

I teach a couple of different styles of meditation at Herbaceous, including mindfulness, as well as meditation which enhances our intuition.  I can also tailor session based on your individual needs. I also run meditation classes, school holiday programmes, as well as individual sessions for children and teenagers.

The overuse of technology can result in young people being “switched on” a lot of the time, which means it can literally be difficult to “switch off”! Meditation can help children and teenagers to learn how “switching off” can enhance their lives.

Meditation can also assist with managing anxiety, sleep problems, quietening the mind, improving self-esteem and confidence, enhancing creativity and re-connecting with the natural world.

Have a great month, and keep taking the meditation!


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  1. Love this!! Yes “all the things we do” sometimes we forget the important “things” the base for our daily life to build on, a great reminder.

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