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Autumn is upon us once more in the southern parts of Australia.  Is it just me, or did the first two months of 2020 pass by way too quickly?

It has been a very mild summer here in Victoria, and I have certainly seen many more presentations of coughs, colds and other respiratory issues this season.

I normally write a post at this time of year about keeping well during this season of transition, and preparing yourself for the cooler months. With the recent outbreak of the corona virus, sharing this information seems even more relevant.

A balanced approach to keeping healthy

Rather than succumbing to the media induced, panic buying frenzy of stocking up on toilet paper (why?!), canned foods and the like, why not sit back, brew yourself a cuppa, and come on a calm, no nonsense reading adventure with me.

Firstly, in no way am I implying that the corona virus (COVID-19) isn’t a serious issue. And certainly if your immune system is compromised, or if you are more susceptible to becoming sick, then you would be wise to see a trained health professional if you feel unwell.

At the time of writing this post, “relatively little is known about COVID-19. We do know that it is a highly contagious virus and is spreading at a rapid rate. Some commonly reported symptoms include fever, dry cough and lethargy.  Some people with the virus remain asymptomatic.”

(Reference: Biomedica )

1) herbal medicines

Trained herbalists have access to a wide array of high quality supportive herbs.  Herbs with anti-viral, immune enhancing, and tonic properties may be beneficial.  Herbs such as echinacea, astragalus, St John’s Wort and withania, are a few examples.

2) Vitamins and minerals

Vitamin C is a friend of the immune system, and so is zinc. I take a high quality vitamin c powder daily, even when I am feeling well. If I have a cold or virus, then I usually up the dose until I feel better.

Magnesium is also a wonderful mineral to take to ensure you have a good nights sleep, and feel well rested the next day.  Rest is so important to keep your immune system and energy levels on an even keel.  If you do feel unwell with body and muscle aches, then magnesium may help too.  I am a big fan of Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) baths which promote relaxation and a sound sleep.

3) Rest, rest, rest

Speaking of rest, regular readers of Herbaceous’ blog may recall my Nest is best post from a while ago.  You may wish to refer to it now for some simple rest nest ideas.

4) Food as medicine

Autumn is the ideal time to prepare warming seasonal foods to enhance your immune system, digestion and energy levels. Think about cooking with vitamin A rich orange vegetables like sweet potato, carrot and pumpkin, which ground your digestion and energy.

Nutrient dense soups and broths are also friends of the immune system.  Add good quality garlic, ginger, bone broth (if that is your thing), vegetables, herbs and spices, as well as a protein source such as legumes, chicken, tofu, or red meat. And remember to add a sprinkling of culinary imagination to your pot, and you can create a delicious, simple and super healthy meal.

And if you feel like viewing some wonderful food related television, then check out SBS Food channel, or SBS on Demand.

5) Garlic honey recipe

“Garlic is an antimicrobial used for thousands of years in many cultures to fight infection. This simple recipe combines garlic with honey, another antimicrobial superfood. Garlic honey and the honey-steeped garlic cloves can be taken on a regular basis as a heart tonic or to stave off infection. They can also be taken at the first sign of illness or to soothe a sore throat, cough, cold, the flu, or sinus infection. Try garlic honey stirred into a hot cup of tea or eaten by the spoonful!

Ingredients :

3 organic garlic (Allium sativum) bulbs , Raw honey

Directions :

Peel and separate the cloves and chop or grate.

Fill a sterilized, dry jar about half full with chopped garlic cloves, then cover with honey.

Poke through the honey with a sterilized, dry spoon to make sure that all of the garlic is covered.

Cap and label the jar, and store for up to 3 months.

To use, take 1 teaspoon once a day as a tonic or 4-6 times a day during an active infection.”

Recipe is from: The herbal academy.

To support your immune health, I am offering short immune system focused consultations (30 minutes) every Thursday at Contagious Enthusiasm .

For bookings, please call reception on (03) 9502 0650 , and mention “Immune consult” at the time of booking.

Please note, more complex cases may require a longer appointment.

I hope you enjoyed reading this no nonsense approach to staying well, and keeping calm :-)

Warm wishes,

Gabriella x

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