I’m an individual you can’t fool me!

How can custom made liquid herbs help me?

You may be interested to know that at the core of naturopathy lies the concept of treating the individual. No two people are the same.  So it makes sense that when it comes to treating our health there is no one size fits all approach!  The notion of individualised treatment intrigued me when I was studying to become a herbalist and naturopath.  Treating the individual as a whole rather than just treating the symptoms of the presenting complaint made so much sense.

The art of dispensing liquid herbs lies in the herbalists ability to match the patients presenting symptoms, constitution and energy with those of the herbs. This results in a custom made remedy which connects with each patient and therefore helps to bring about balance and healing for that person.

There are a myriad of incredible herbs which can help to bring about balance within the body. And each herb has its own unique personality, energetics and phytochemical make-up.

I love to dispense liquid herbs (tinctures) in front of patients so that they can see the herbs and start to connect to the medicine. Children really love this process and I regularly hear comments such “this is just like Harry Potter!….I feel like I am at Hogwarts!”.  Interestingly it is often adults who snigger at the “icky brown” appearance of the herbs and question whether or not they will be able to tolerate the “taste” of the tincture.  I find that soon enough the majority of people actually begin to like their tincture, as they develop a connection to the herbs and can feel a positive change in their health.

In modern day Australia the need to hold on to our individuality is vital.   We are living in an era where we are we are sold to en masse. Big companies aim to sell excessive amounts of mass produced generic products to us –  this applies to everything from household goods, to clothing, to food to health products.

When it comes to our health we can choose to go to the local chemist megasaurus-store and purchase mega-amounts of mega-generic products which adhere to the one size fits all model. Or, we can choose to consult a well-educated practitioner who will be able to support each patient as an individual, and dispense high quality, well researched remedies.  The medicines are tailored and created just for you – a “bespoke” medicine of sorts (I couldn’t resist quoting Kevin McCloud here!!!)

Wishing you all an inspiring month, and enjoy being the incredible individual that you are!










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  1. Oh so true, when walking into the “megasaurus Stores” I almost feel the $$$$$ signs jumping out of each aisle, so much to choose from and no individual approach.
    We do need to feel and be the unique being that we are, not like cattle all being herded into a paddock. So worthwhile taking the time to have one on one attention. Over the years I have proven this to myself.

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