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Wintertime has finally arrived here in the southern parts of Australia, and people are preparing to travel to warmer climes.

If you are about to board a plane to fly off into the sunshine, then read on to learn about some invaluable travel tips.

These suggestions are designed to help you feel refreshed, both during and after a long haul flight; and some of these tips can be applied to shorter flights, road trips, and for staying healthy whilst you travel.

These are general recommendations.  If you have any specific health concerns, then seek advice from your health professional.

I’m available for mini pre-travel consults on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at Contagious Enthusiasm.

These consults are designed for pre-travel health advice. If you have more complex health concerns, then you are welcome to book in a full length appointment.

It’s now time for you to brew your preferred cup of tea, sit back and enjoy Herbaceous’ pre-flight tips, and hopefully a touch of pre-flight entertainment too!  And if you aren’t heading north this winter, then you can save this information for future use.

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Let’s get the ball rolling with this special hormone.  Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland deep within the brain. It’s production is triggered by darkness, and inhibited by light.  You may know about melatonin’s ability to regulate the sleep / wake cycle; and it is also effective in combating jet lag.  Melatonin helps your body clock to “reset” after travelling across many time zones, hence its popularity for international travellers.

To date, melatonin remains a prescription only product in Australia.  However, lower doses can be very effective too, and they are available via naturopaths, as well as in reputable health food stores.


Ahhhhh, echinacea… of my all time favourite herbs. The distinctive purple coneflower is a visual delight, and this incredible herb’s medicinal actions are wide and varied.

There has been some solid research conducted regarding echinacea.  One study of note relates to taking echinacea during air travel.  Adults travelling return from Australia to America, Europe or Africa on commercial flights via economy class, took MediHerb Echinacea Premium tablets or placebo in a randomised, double-blind trial. Travel consisted of a flying time of 15–25 hours and less than 12 hours stopover. Treatment began 2 weeks before flying overseas and finished 2 weeks after returning to Australia. Echinacea Premium was found to reduce the incidence of respiratory symptoms.


Probiotics are essential when travelling, especially if you are spending time in places areas where water quality isn’t great.  There has been a veritable explosion (pun intended!) of probiotic products into stores in the last few years…I even saw an overpriced probiotic containing room spray in a shop the other day…..hmmmmmm, the mind boggles.

Let’s keep it real people.  My advice is to choose a top quality, room temperature stable product, which contains the probiotic strain, SB (saccharomyces boulardii).  S.boulardii is effective in reducing the incidence of travellers diarrhoea.


The golden rule of flying is to keep hydrated.  My suggestion is to buy a good quality stainless steel water bottle which has an inbuilt filter. Pack the empty bottle into your carry on bag, and ask the air hostess to fill it for you during the flight.  This way you are also reducing waste by not using nasty plastic cups. And you can use the bottle for the rest of your holiday, and when you come home.

Herbal teas

If you are a fan of herbal infusions, then why not take your most cherished herbal tea bags with you?  Some personal favourites include chamomile to help induce relaxation and settle digestion; and spearmint to support digestion, and also to help with waking up after a snooze.  Spearmint is super aromatic so it has the added benefit of clearing your head!

Another eco friendly tip is to include a cup (such as a Keep Cup or similar) in your bag, which you can use on the plane, and during your travels.

Essential oils

After a number of hours in the air, planes can start to get a bit stinky…the stench of humanity….I’m sure you know what I mean! So, why not make your plane “nest” a little more comfortable by taking some essential oils with you.  Peppermint clears the head, and clears blocked sinuses; and lavender is an ideal way to help induce relaxation, and it’s great way to calm children too.

Hand sanitiser

Planes are germ central.  One way to combat some of the nasties is to use a hand sanitiser. I’m generally not a fan of using hand sanitisers, but planes are an exception for me. I love using Dr Bronner’s lavender scented hand sanitiser spray.

Onboard snacks

Rather than consuming sugar and salt laden, processed airline snacks, you will feel much better both during and after the flight if you take some of your own snacks with you.  Go for low sugar, protein based snacks which will support your nervous system, and balance your blood sugar levels.

If you enjoyed reading these travel tips, then you might like to add them to your travel bag!  I would love to hear about your own travel tips below.

If you would like some pre or post travel support, then you are welcome to book a time to see me at Contagious Enthusiasm  or  contact me via email .

Happy and safe travels,


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