End of year happenings

Hi everyone,

It’s mid-November and you may be starting to consider what the next six weeks has in store for you!

Before I share some festive season health ideas with you, I’d like to let you know about a few Herbaceous happenings:

Herbaceous will be open until Thursday 21st December. For those of you who see me for naturopathic appointments, start pondering which remedies you need to see you through the new year period.  Please contact me by no later than Monday 11th December so that I can ensure I have all of your holiday remedies in stock.  The clinic will re-open on Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

Our new look Herbaceous gift vouchers are available for purchase. They make wonderful gifts, and can be redeemed for massage, meditation classes, and naturopathic appointments.  You can drop in at the clinic to purchase; or contact me via email  or ☎️ 0422475805 , and I can post the voucher out to you. Old school hey?!

Here are some simple health ideas to help navigate your way to a calm end to 2017!

  1. Ensure you are having enough good quality sleep.  Start to relax at least an hour before you get into bed. This may mean taking a shower or bath, reading an actual book, listening to music, or sipping some relaxing herbal tea such as chamomile, melissa, passionflower or lavender. Note: switch off all screens at least an hour before bed.
  2. Stay hydrated. You can make your water intake more interesting by adding fresh herbs and citrus to it.  For example, today I picked fresh peppermint, mint, rosemary and lemon balm from the garden, gave them a gentle crush to bring out their flavour and aroma, and popped them into a jug full of water with slices of lemon.  Delicious!
  3. If you are partial to a little festive indulgence, eg: alcohol (!) then make sure you drink at least one glass of water to every glass of alcohol. This helps you to stay hydrated, and means you will feel better the next morning. Another tip is boosting your intake of good quality B Vitamins (I’m not talking about the well known type that fizz in your water glass!), which help your body to deal with the effects of alcohol.  Herbal medicines such as St Mary’s thistle and dandelion root are some liver friendly remedies which you may also like to consider. I can tailor make a festive tincture for you. Please contact me  if you are interested.
  4. Don’t overcommit yourself with social activities. It can be tricky saying no to certain events, but where possible, try to  schedule catch ups for January. People are usually more relaxed then anyway! This takes the pressure of having to do everything before the end of the year.

I’ll be in touch again before the year is over.  Also, look out for festive season tips over on Instagram and Facebook . If you require some naturopathic support or meditation to help you through the next six weeks, you can contact me via email  or ☎️ 0422475805.

Best wishes,



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