To tree or not to tree

Nature cure is one of the core principles of naturopathy. Many moons ago at naturopathic college I recall being inspired and energised by the teachings of our herbal forebears. Back in the day these clever folk instinctively knew how to heal and relied on both nature and common sense to provide the answers to ill health.


The history of naturopathy can be traced back to Germany in the mid 1850’s. The originator of “Nature Cure” was a simple farmer who had a natural genius for the art of healing. Nature cure was based on the concept of encouraging the individual’s natural healing potential by using principles in harmony with nature. The nature cure remedies revolved around the “return to nature” philosophy and consisted of plenty of exercise, fresh mountain air, simple wholesome country fare and milk from cows fed on nutritious mountain grasses.

The practice of naturopathy acknowledges the existence of a vital, curative force within the body. The naturopathic principle, vis medicatrix naturae – the healing power of nature, states that the healing process within each person is ordered and intelligent, and that each individual has the inherent ability – the vitality – to heal oneself and restore health. Naturopaths work with people to prevent and treat illness and disease, and to help restore and maintain health by supporting the individual’s inherent self-healing process.

That’s great and very interesting I hear you say, but how do I apply these ideas to modern life?

Here are some step by step and practical ideas to bring nature, balance and vitality into your life.

    • Refer to my previous blog “Nest is best” and apply these ideas.  Your body knows what to do to heal itself.  That’s why it encourages us to rest when we feel tired and run down. Soldiering on isn’t the smartest approach!
    • If you do feel constantly tired and succumb to the dreaded lurgy on a regular basis, then it would be wise to see a naturopath or herbalist to help support your body and reignite your vitality.
    • Eat fresh vegetables and herbs.
    • Sleep well at night (and keep all technology out of the bedroom).
    • Climb a tree!
    • Rug up and get out into the fresh air (yes, even in Winter). *Warning: spending time in nature on a regular basis may result in you feeling calmer and more energised. Ideas include a walk on the beautiful oak lawn at Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens; a walk on the beach; river walks and forest walks. Repeat as often as you like.
    • Ditch technology for real life experiences with real people! Choose your company wisely and share your own fun and sense of humour with a kindred spirit.
    • Take to the healing waters! Visit a local spa such as Peninsula Hot Springs; bathe at home in a bath of Epsom salts; kick off your shoes and put your feet into sea water at the beach.
    • Eat more fresh vegetables and herbs.
    • Dig in the garden. Plant a balcony garden with brightly coloured flowers and culinary herbs. Immerse your hands in the soil. Repeat as often as you like.
    • Have regular naps on the weekend.

Vital force igniting infusion!


Fresh turmeric and fresh ginger (according to individual taste), juice of one lemon.


Boil the kettle.  Grate turmeric and ginger (you may wish to wear gloves as turmeric likes to leaves its glorious golden colour on your skin!) Squeeze lemon. Add to teapot or plunger. Pour boiling water on ingredients. Brew for at least 15 minutes. Strain and enjoy many cups a day.

This infusion really warms you up as it stimulates circulation. It also aids digestion, is packed with anti-oxidants, and may relieve pain. And the turmeric gives it a beautiful golden colour.

I would love to hear about your own ideas for bringing nature, balance and vitality into your life,

Have an inspiring June,




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  1. Wonderful advice….we are so fortunate to have our own ‘genius with a natural art for healing’ right here in Bayside!

  2. Thanks Gabriella, I couldn’t agree more! It’s so important to be conscious of the power of connection with nature, particularly for the more urban-dwelling people among us (like me). Every morning I smell the flowers at my local train station on my journey to work. The floral scent makes me feel so grounded and energised! Thank you for your encouragement and for the reminder of the wonderful healing power of the natural world!

  3. Great ideas and reminder. For me walking in the wind and winter air is only cold in thought, once out there I love it, feel extremely grounded and calm as I focus on my feet and feel the different types of surfaces underfoot. These times also help to be alone with my thoughts when walking by myself.
    Also a good way to strengthen the immune system.

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