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The concept of rest is an important part of Naturopathic treatment and is one that I regularly discuss with my patients. When you feel unwell your body (and often your mind) is calling out for rest.
The demands of modern living means we can fall into the trap of soldiering on. As a consequence taking time out to rest is often ignored or forgotten. An extreme but increasingly common result of soldering on is exhaustion and chronic fatigue.

A recent mild illness prompted me practice what I preach. As soon as I felt low in energy and my throat became sore I knew it was time to spend some quality time resting in my “nest”.

Thankfully I wasn’t too unwell and was able to prepare my nest properly. The degree of nest preparation will depend on how unwell you feel.
If you are really under the weather, then just get into bed!


1. How to create a rest nest


* A comfortable place such as the couch or your bed – ideally with natural light and fresh air
* Blankets and pillow
* Wheat bag or hot water bottle
* Scented candle
* A good book or movie
* Herbal tea
* Nutritious nest food
* Relaxing music (I love listening to ABC Classic FM 105.9)
* Switch your phone and computer off


Take all of the above ingredients and arrange your nest according to personal taste!

2. Nest tea


A traditional herbal infusion of Yarrow, Elderflower and Peppermint (known to Herbalists as YEP tea) is my favourite nest tea. I also add a decent amount of ginger too (dried or freshly grated)
Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a primary fever management herb
Elderflower (Sambuccus nigra) is excellent to help combat excess mucous
Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is helpful for managing fever
Ginger (Zingiber officinalis) is a warming, comforting and effective remedy for colds and chill


Add at least one teaspoon of each herb to your favourite teapot. Add boiling water. Steep for 15 minutes. Strain and enjoy in your nest.
Note: if you are running a high fever it is wise to see your GP

3.  Nest soup

Homemade healthy soups are such a nutritious and comforting nest food. I like to cook up batches of soups on winter weekends and pop some in the freezer. If the dreaded lurgy strikes then I’ve got some warming food at the ready.
Here is a delicious recipe:

Now that we have moved into the cooler months here in Melbourne you may wish to prepare yourself a nest even when you are feeling well! Nest rest is a great way to allow yourself time away from the busy outside world and to restore your energy and support your immune system.

Warning: Nest rest may become addictive!

Wishing you all a great month,



Mills, Simon “The Complete Guide to Western Herbalism”




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  1. I love this post. So true and so creatively written. It makes me want to ‘Nest’ for the next week. Sleep is an amazing healer.

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